Tuition with Ben Smith Photographs

I've been offering photographic tuition since the summer and am pleased with how's it's going. It's been great working with people from Belgium, Canada, Iran, Ireland, New Zealand and the UAE, as well as local people to Oxford and around the UK.

I have been giving technical and artistic advice to people who want to improve their photographic skills. Typically most users have a new shiny new camera and tend to keep their cameras in automatic mode. They are not aware how simple it is to get more interesting and better quality images!

Each session is bespoke to the individual's interests and aren't really weather dependent - there's loads of places to go in Oxford to shelter from a rain shower. I've shown people how to get impressive architectural photos in the Covered Market, churches and the Ashmoleon museum.

The photos below show examples of my student's work. They were all taken using manual settings and most were manually focused. 

I offer gift vouchers, making this the perfect gift for that person who already has everything!!

Please visit my tuition page and get in touch to book your session.

Tuition with Ben Smith Photographs

I ran another tuition session in Oxford last week. The photos below are all taken by David on our 3 hour walk around Oxford.

David is a fairly experienced photographer, so this was quite an advanced class. We covered manual exposure, compensation, fine focusing, high contrast light and silhouettes as well as a bit of street photography.  

I lent David some of my prime lenses which helped his photography even more.  I think the results have come out well (see below, including one I took of David in action).

The tuition sessions are proving to be popular. They are tailor-made to the individual's skills and experience and can be as artistic or technical as the client wants.

Please get in touch to discuss your photographic requirements and to book a tuition session!