Studio photoshoot

Here is a selection of recent studio photos of the family featured in my previous blog post.

They feature Samuel and Ellie, who are siblings that share a birthday. Helen, their mum, wanted some special photos taken to celebrate two milestone birthdays. It was extra special that these were taken on the actual birthdays. The foreheads together pose recreates a photo taken when they were small children.

It's a pleasure to work with such lovely people (who happen to be very photogenic) and I'm delighted with what we achieved.

Please get in touch if you would like some portraits taken of your family and friends.

Wedding album success

It's a great feeling presenting wedding clients with their wedding album.

Even though they have been through their photos hundreds of times, seeing them presented in a beautiful album seems to add that level of excitement!

I use professionally made albums (that only photographers have access to) and spend hours organising the layout of images. The quality of the finish is exceptional - these are built to last a lifetime and are a fantastic investment.

I have just completed some studio portraits of the clients (and their children) in the examples below. I'll post the results from that photoshoot soon.  

Family photoshoot

Here are a few images from a fun photoshoot taken a bit earlier in the year. These kids had endless energy and were great to work with. 

Cathy, their mum, was choosing photos for her husband's birthday present and it was great to see her reaction to the pictures.

I've just done another photoshoot with this family (the pictures will be used as part of Christmas presents for relatives) and will post a few examples shortly.