Dallas and Amie's wedding

Here is an extended blog post featuring photos from Dallas and Amie's fantastic wedding last week.

They were married in St Mary's Church, Launton and had the reception in the Tythe Barn, which is handily next door to the church. It was a freezing cold day, and I'm full of admiration to the couple (especially Amie) who did not seem to feel the rather fresh conditions!

The reception was excellent - with live music, entertaining speeches, terrific food and the usual quality service from the staff.

Dallas is in the US Airforce and was great to see so many of his family and friends come over for the wedding. There were a number of American wedding traditions including the bride dancing with her father, the groom dancing with his mother, before Amie and Dallas danced.

It was a pleasure to be there and I hope you enjoy looking through these photos.